The Delta Diner features three unique food experiences here in Delta, Wisconsin. The Delta Diner itself is a throwback to the 40’s East Coast Diners that spotted the roadsides and served up hot meals for travelers. We have upped the game a bit on the culinary side but have remained true to the genre of food that made these establishments famous back in the day. Taste Budz is a seasonal business located adjacent to the Diner and features Milwaukee’s own Purple Door Ice Cream, along with an assortment of coffee drinks and other refreshments. The TapShack, also seasonal, is our version of a traditional Jamaican Jerk Pit serving Jerk chicken, pork, ribs, Friday Fish, all the sides, and a chill Island vibe that will belie our setting here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The TapShack also features eight taps of Earth Rider Brews including our collaboration with the Brewery, TapShack Caribbean Style Lager.

The Delta Diner is closed November and December this year, 2021. While we have been open year round for the past 18years, the forced pause due to Covid last year has helped us realize the benefit of a block of time to pursue life outside of work. The period April – October is pretty intense at the Diner, and we have decided to allow staff to opt out of work during these two months if they wish. We will reopen January 1st, 2022 and will announce some exciting retail product news and other Diner happenings on Facebook during our shutdown. Thanks to our staff and dedicated customers for a transformational bounce back year following the set-backs of 2020! 

So, what are you hungry for?

Delta Diner

The Diner will be closed

November & December

Re-opening January 2022

Tap Shack

The TapShack is closed for the season.

Island Time returns in the spring of 2022!


Taste Budz

Taste Budz is closed for the season

Have a great, safe winter!