Delta Diner

We offer a verbal menu at the Diner so that our staff can convey all the nuances of our dishes. This includes our “Daily” menu items that are on the counter menu board, and our “blue plate special” menu items that can change at any time. The range of “blue pates” include favorites; stuffed hashbrowns, specialty omelets, Cajun Red Beans with sausage and Rice, and Redeye Biscuits and Gravy, amongst others. Your server will describe which of these items are available on any given day.


The TapShack concept is a tribute to Nina’s friends in Jamaica who own the Lilliput Jerk Center in Montego Bay. We do our very best to keep it simple and authentic! Most every day we are open the food and music vibe will be very Caribbean – Jerk chicken, pork and fish, or grilled pineapple, corn on the cob, or sweet potato. Regardless of the menu any given day, the atmosphere is sure to compliment the authentic flavors. The aromas of the sweet wood cookshack, the music, the visuals (including wonderful murals), and the passionate people who partake, all add to that vibe that makes the experience real! We’ve upped the game a bit by partnering with Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin and offering 8 of their craft brews on tap including the TapShack, our collaborative Caribbean style lager.

We step outside the Caribbean vibe on Mondays for Shack Burgers only!  You can’t have a great wood-fired grill and not sear burgers on it.  It’s the only time we serve a burger on-site, and we compliment it with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and a side of Shack Mac – so mark your calendars for Monday “Burgers and Blues”.

Be sure to watch for our TapShack special events too. Whether simply live music or transforming the TapShack into another food/music cultural experience, we look forward to taking folks on a cultural journey centered on food.

Taste Budz

Taste Budz is located adjacent to the Delta Diner in the restored Delta Store Cobblestone building. Here we offer an assortment of coffee and ice cream drinks, hand-dipped ice cream cones and cups, plus pickled garlic or a selection of Diner hot sauces and other merchandise. Taste Budz also is home to our Delta Diner coffee roasting operation! Check out and sample our variety of in-house roasted coffee beans to take with you or have shipped home!!