Delta Diner’s No Tipping Policy

Talking about a hot topic! Embracing a model of compensation that doesn’t include tips generally has little to do with actual tips. Seriously. When deciding to embrace a compensation model outside of the hospitality field, we did so because of the positive attributes it would deliver to our business model, our staff, and our customers. It is inaccurate to describe our model by stating “tips are included”, or “tips are built into the price”, they simply do not exist in this model. We instead charge a price for our product that allows us to pay our staff fairly, equitably, and sustainably. This includes a base wage package for adults starting at $15/hour.

In return, we can consistently recruit, train, and therefore employ professionals who successfully represent our brand every day. Most businesses in the U.S. do not have a tipped compensation model. Simply count us as one of them.