From Facebook post 3/26:

This post isn’t about the opposing viewpoints regarding recent news from Northland College. We’ve turned off the ability to comment to this post because it’s not about influencing opinions or driving engagement. Instead, we’re just sharing that we are holding an event at the Diner this Friday, benefiting Northland College, because of all the people from Northland that have crossed our path.
We don’t know enough about the financial workings of the situation to have an educated bigger opinion … but do strongly believe the following:
1. Having Northland College in the region has positively impacted the cultural and economic fabric of the South Shore in so many ways.
2. Many of the people we cherish as friends, neighbors, and customers are here because of Northland. They loved the area so much that they established roots here. They now teach kids, run diverse businesses, help manage the natural resources we love, and contribute to our community in so many other ways.
3. We can’t imagine a scenario where the region is better without Northland College than it is with it.
We believe that the broader effects of having Northland in our community have made our lives better, period. So this Friday, March 29, from 8-2pm the Delta Diner will be offering a unique one-time menu of established and new dishes, utilizing ingredients we already have in-house. All food/non-alcoholic beverage gross receipts for the day will be donated to Northland. From what I’ve read, some will not want to participate, and that’s totally fine, no judgement. But if you’d like to join us please do. While it is hard, as a small business, to make ends meet this time year, we consider this the smallest of things we can do to say thank you the people who have had such a positive impact on us and our business. Thanks!
Todd and Nina