We have tried to create an exceptional Burger Experience for our customers here at the Diner on Mondays.  Critical to this is our in-house grinding process that produces your burger patty.  We buy select cuts of whole muscle meat from 6th Street Market and finish the butchering process on Sunday.  This produces lean chunks of prime meat that are left to marinate in our seasoning overnight.  We then grind the meat and form the patties on Monday just before your burger is cooked.  We feel this process, combined with fresh sautéed toppings and a fresh baked hard roll, makes the Burger Monday experience special. 

One of the challenges of grinding our burger patties fresh, just before you eat them, is that the quantity we serve on Monday is determined on Sunday.  We feel the upside of this exceptional burger experience outweighs any downside inconvenience.  Therefore, we set a number of burgers we will serve each Monday, and when we sell out, the evening is done. 

In June, that number is about 150.  In July and August, it is about 200.  We will post on facebook and deltadiner.com when we reach 30 patties left, for that day.  We will do the same with our phone message.  This will give customers a heads up to avoid a Burger Monday run to the Diner only to see a “Sold Out” sign in the window.  We will also post other local burger options in the window of the Diner should we sell out.  Thanks for supporting us as we strive to provide exceptional food, experience, and service at the Delta Diner.

Stay Tuned!  We will be offering pre-paid reservation for Burger Monday on our shopping cart in the near future!  This will allow you to reserve your burger(s) for that week’s supply and come in any time between 11am and 6pm that Monday to redeem.