Thank you to all for the support and well wishes during the past year. Like for so many others, the business climate has been challenging, to say the least. We are set to reopen this Friday at 8am for curbside service. It is our intention to add indoor seating beginning in May. To avoid any confusion, or confrontation, we would like to clearly state the Covid parameters in which we will be operating. As the situation changes we will adapt together.

* While customers will be free to move about the property, masks will be required if you are not in your car or sitting at a picnic table.
* We will have unserviced picnic tables available for curbside customers to use. Please wipe down these tables with the sanitizer provided as a courtesy to the next user.
* Our servers will come to your vehicle both to help you order and with your food delivery. You can then take your food to a table if you wish.
* We do not have the ability to offer restrooms for customers at this time.
* Please be patient. You have our word that we will do our best to get you some awesome food as quickly as is possible.
* You can call in orders ahead starting at 8am Fri-Sun and 11am on Mondays. Calls must be for orders that day. (715)372-6666

We respect that the WI legislature has rejected the need for a mask mandate. We respect anyone’s individual conviction to the same. We ask that all individuals respect that while we are open to the public, we are a privately owned business and legally able to enforce rules on our property. We will follow the CDC’s lead for setting policy regarding Covid. If you disagree and don’t wish to abide by our policies, let’s stay friends, but get together further down the road. Thank you, and we’re excited to be back and look forward to sharing the Diner Vibe! 😀