After much due consideration, and given the escalating nature of the ongoing pandemic, we have decided that it is not possible for the Delta Diner to operate in November and December of 2020 in a safe and viable fashion. Therefore, our last day of business for 2020 will be Burger Monday, November 2. We are targeting Friday, January 1 as our reopening date. We will keep you posted as we monitor the current public health situation.

We would like to thank our staff and customers for working with us to navigate the past seven months of COVID in a safe, if sometimes difficult, manner. The reality is we, like all other small businesses, are at the mercy of broad based action, or inaction, in determining how long this pandemic continues to negatively impact our existence. While we are committed to the long haul, we are also hopeful for a collective awakening and actions that allow us all to put this pandemic experience behind us soon. Stay safe and see you again soon. You have three weekends to get your Diner fix until 2021!!
– Todd and Nina