The Delta Diner is aware that the Supreme Court of WI recently overturned our Governor’s “Stay at Home Order” evidently allowing businesses to reopen immediately

Despite this, we as a business value the health and safety of our employees, customers, and their loved ones more than our strong desire to fully reopen. Therefore, we will continue with our Curb•Side service, as we have for the past two weeks, until further notice.

We are as anxious as anybody to return to some sense of normalcy with our business. This is a very difficult time for all concerned. But, we will base the steps we take in the next weeks on the best scientific and public health information available to us.

If you decide to make the trip to come see us in Delta this weekend, thank you very much! It is greatly appreciated!! But please, continue to stay in your cars, observe social distancing, and follow the safety guidelines of our Curb•Side model. The Diner building will continue to be inaccessible. We will be sure to update you as the health landscape changes. Wishing everybody good food, and good health.