Unfortunately, COVID-19 strikes directly at who we are as a business.  We are not just about food or a meal, but instead a food experience that is shared with others in the booth or at the counter, with staff and customers together in close proximity.  It is an interactive community experience built on food. You may not talk with the folks in the next booth or adjacent at the counter but you can feel their energy and they are part of your experience.

In normal times everything about this is good.  However, with the current health conditions not so much. It is for this reason we have decided to temporarily close the Delta Diner completely to eliminate all contact that could potentially contribute to the spread of this virus. We feel our responsibility to protect our staff, customers and those we love as best we can outweighs any other consideration.

If you have family in the Delta community who are at risk and need help with meals please private message us so we can discuss.  We may be able to help.

Stay healthy and we will keep you updated as the landscape changes.  We look forward to sharing a food experience with you at the Diner again sometime soon!

Todd, Nina, Mary and the Diner Crew