Contact: Todd Bucher

Delta Diner, LLC


Delta Diner, a Destination Restaurant, Kicks Off Tourist Season with “No-Tip” Policy

New, high starting wage for all employees and staffing charge is based on European business model


DELTA, Wis. (June 1, 2015)—The Delta Diner, featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” has embraced an “employee first” philosophy since opening in 2003. During peak summer months, customers are willing to wait up to two hours to eat at the now-famous Northwoods diner known for its excellent customer service and food. To meet this demand, Todd Bucher, founder and managing member of Delta Diner’s operations, focuses on delivering a top-notch diner experience every day. That’s why he decided to implement a new compensation model for all employees.

Bucher has been following the grassroots movement toward a “no-tip” compensation model for a while because he thought the concept would benefit his diner staff. However, it has yet to gain national momentum because tipping is ingrained in the U.S. culture. Industry proponents site examples from Europe, where restaurants in many countries include a service charge and don’t require a tip. Bucher feels the tip model promotes inequity in staff compensation, and he sees that as a threat to the culture of unselfish teamwork established at the Delta Diner.  Implementing their own “no-tip” model will help move the Delta Diner’s mission forward and ensure a sustainable end product for its customer base.

As the busy tourism season approaches, the Delta Diner will implement a 20 percent increase on food and beverage prices and eliminate tips. The entire charge will flow directly back to base compensation enabling all adult staff to earn a minimum of $15 per hour with key positions earning more. In addition, the Delta Diner is establishing an aggressive bonus program that will allow key position to further benefit from the continued growth of its business model.

Bucher expects the customer will continue to be the ultimate beneficiary of an unselfish, team-first approach. “We have built an exceptional core staff and I expect the “no-tip” compensation model to help us recruit and retain highly skilled, motivated and happy employees who will continue to provide a great customer experience,” said Bucher.

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