Used properly, burnt out Fry Pans make great shooting targets.   I only know this because most of our recycled fry pans have met that fate over the first ten years we were in business.  A couple local shooters have collected them and used them as targets.  Didn’t even occur to me that their could be another use for these spent sauté platforms! That is, until one day I was watching a program late at night on Discovery, The History Channel, or one of the other networks I can never remember.  They were showing a picture of a guy in Iowa that had a very elaborate sculpture made out of crowbars or bicycle kickstands, or something to that effect.  Wait, I have had access to hundreds of retired fry pans over the past eleven years, have saved none, and could have commissioned a world class fry pan sculpture?  This is time and aluminum that will never be regained!  What was I thinking?  So we have started the slow process of saving our “out of service” fry pans with the goal being finding great (and hopefully legal) uses for them as we accumulate enough for a sculpture.  Here is the first installment.  Thanks to Ted for having the need in spring that lead to this discovery.  For all our early season rider friends we will have a supply hanging on the porch for your use!  🙂  Stay tuned ..

.Ted Kick Stand Caddie