Yes, you’re correct I am stealing a bit from both David Letterman (what, is he 80 yet?) and Peter King (the Monday Morning Quarterback was an epic read before the expanded format, just sayin’).  But, having said that, these big experiences leave an imprint on you.  Here are five thoughts on what I think I think  … as a result of being on the Food Network.

5.  Delta is a really special place.

4.  You can’t have great staff without great customers.  We have to love to come to work to do world class work … and great customers make it worthwhile.

3.  Kids (and adults) need to see that day-in and day-out striving for excellence will get noticed in some significant way, at some point.  It is not always immediate gratification.

2.  Keep it simple, make it great, and do it diligently every day.

1.  Passionate pursuits can be hard, to say the least.  But the process can be very rewarding!

P.S.  Very successful people can be incredibly generous!  Thanks to Guy, JJ, Big Jim and Mike and Crew.  🙂