Roadside Diner Stays True to Vintage Vibe
Saturday, February 15, 2014 – 4:33pm
By: Natalie Froistad
Photojournalist: Nathaniel LeCapitaine
FOX 21 News, KQDS-DT

DELTA – It’s that “back in time” and “everybody knows each other” feel.
“It’s an American scene. You know, the roadside diner,” said Delta Diner owner Todd Bucher.

The Delta Diner has been in Delta for 11 years, giving each and every customer that “at home” feel.

“A diner experience is different than just a restaurant experience. There’s something about diners that I kinda discovered when I was a young kid,” said Bucher. “There was this feel and this vibe that was going on that was different than anything I’d ever experienced.”

The diner is actually a 1940’s Silk City diner from Ohio and has been completely restored.

“We dropped it here and very shortly later we were open for business,” said Bucher.

The diner quickly became a local favorite.

“We can have as much as an hour, hour and a half wait in the summertime all day,” Bucher said.

Since it opened it’s been keeping the “vintage vibe.”

“I still slow down to look at the place,” added Bucher.

Vintage vehicle owners from around the country love to make stops at the diner for pictures and to have an experience with someone who understand their passion for the past.

“You know, to really understand and buy into a vibe of an experience like a diner provides, you have to be able to enjoy that kind of passion,” Bucher said.

Half of that vintage feel of a diner comes from the food.

There’s not just one item on the menu that keeps customers coming back.

From Norwegian pancakes and Pedro’s Mex Benny, to serving only burgers on Mondays, the Delta Diner offers a menu so eclectic that no customer could leave unsatisfied.

“It’s gonna push boundaries a little bit in terms of giving people things to try they might not otherwise try,” Bucher said.

All the while, always giving you that perfect diner experience.

The Delta Diner is open from 8-4 daily.

During the off-season it’s closed on Tuesdays.

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